The customer has a right to cancel the agreement and return the ordered products within 14 days of receiving the product physically (by the customer or a person authorized by the customer). In order to exercise the right to cancel the agreement, the customer must notify Taffer Finland Ltd by e-mail on the cancellation. The products must be returned without delay and no later than 14 days after the notice of cancellation.

The customer shall keep the product in an essentially unaltered and undiminished condition until the customer has decided to return the product. If the customer has used the product before returning it, the customer shall be liable for any reduction in value of the product in accordance with Consumer Protection Act Chapter 6, Section 18. Hygiene or intimate products or other products delivered in sealed package (including but not limited to lingerie) shall not have the return right. Other restrictions of the return right shall be determined according to Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 6, Section 16.

Refundable products shall be carefully packed.

Product defects, warranty and claims

Taffer Finland Ltd shall be liable for the manufacturing defects and defects in the material of the products that existed in the product at the time of delivery. In addition, lifting grips shall have warranty of three (3) months. However, following products (including lifting grips) shall have no warranty: (i) products which are used elsewhere than indoors, or (ii) products which are used otherwise than in personal use. Clothes or other products shall not have a warranty.

The customer shall notify a defect within a reasonable time when he/she has or should have detected the defect. Defects occurring in the products during the period of warranty shall be notified to Taffer Finland Ltd during the warranty period.

In all cases Taffer Finland Ltd shall only be liable for the manufacturing defects and defects in the material of the products. In no event shall Taffer Finland Ltd be liable for regular wear and tear of the product, incorrect treatment of the product or damage caused by neglects in the care of the product in accordance with the care instructions.

Return address for refunds and defected products

Refunds and products subject of the claim shall be delivered to the following address as specified below:

Taffer Finland Ltd
Laukaantie 4
FIN-40320 Jyvaskyla

To speed up the process please e-mail us and provide at least the following information:
- Order number
- Your name
- Phone number
- Cause of complaint
- Detailed error description or photo of the error.

Reservation of title

Title to the product shall belong to Taffer Finland Ltd until the customer has paid the purchase price and delivery costs in full.

Refund of payment

Taffer Finland Ltd shall refund the payment received from the customer within 14 days from receiving the notice of return at the latest. Please note that the payment can only be refunded after we have received the product. We shall refund the payment using the same payment method that the customer has used when placing the original order unless the customer has specifically agreed to any other refund method. There shall be no extra cost for the customer for refunding the payment.