Our company is located in Finland and most of our products are also made in Finland. We use local companies and for example most of our clothes are made in small companies that are owned by sewers themselves. We like to work with small and independent companies, because it allows us to make unique handcraft over mass production.

All fabrics used in our clothes are as well made in Finland. Ecological production without harmful chemicals makes our clothes safe for people to use. All fabrics have Öko-Tex ® standard 100, class II.


Our planet is drowning on waste. Responsible consuming is something we want to be part of. Our production is small and we never make large amounts of products. This way we minimize waste and only produce to need. We always design products that last time. Classics are never out of fashion.

All TAFFER products are produced in Finland as sustainably as possible. By producing our products in Finland nearby us we can make sure they meet the standards we expect them to meet. We can also keep our eye on the process and offer job to Finnish sewers.


All our products are sewed in small Finnish companies owned by the sewers. This way we make sure we pay straight to the sewer and they get the earning they deserve. There’s no middle hands so we can offer the best quality and the best price to our customers. All the training gears and materials for clothes are made in co-operation with Finnish factories.


By producing our products nearby we get to see different parts of the production all the time. This way we can control the quality.

Mass production gives the possibility to produce a lot of products very fast and cheap. The problem with mass production is low quality and the sustainability is fully forgotten. We have chosen to make handmade products. A way where making a great product is more important than making it cheap.

We’ve heard it’s near impossible to make anything in Finland anymore. It is too expensive and requires a lot of hard work. We are determined to prove all this wrong every single day.

Thank you for being part of the journey.